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The legend of Clear Soul Forces can be traced back to 2008.  The lyrical Voltron consisting of Detroit Emcees; Emile Vincent, Ilajide, L.A.Z. and Noveliss formed one fateful night in a chance-encounter studio session with fellow Detroit Emcee Royce Da 5’9.  The result of that encounter was the formation of Clear Soul Forces due to a simple suggestion by Royce, "Ya'll should be a group."  

After the collective became a group in 2008 they recorded their first mixtape; Clear Soul Radio. Followed up by the Departure EP.  The Forces began to make a name for themselves in Detroit, performing all over the city, and winning a battle of the bands at a legendary monthly hip hop show called “The Air Up There.”  By 2012 the group had not just dominated Detroit’s underground but also the festival circuit.  These guys were going to college and becoming traveling underground rap legends simultaneously.  They rocked A3C in Atlanta, SXSW in Austin and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. 2013 bought the groups first LP “Detroit Revolution(s)” which featured the absolute monstrous single “Get No Better" and it catapulted the group to national status. .  

After the group landed a deal with storied underground distro label Fat Beats they released their debut classic “Detroit Revolution(s)”. Followed by Gold PP7’s, and Fab 5ive. Bolstering their presence on the Tour circuit with The CSF Euro Tour, The Gold Plated Raps Tour, and The Fab 5ive Tour respectively . After the success early on in their careers, the group took a questionable but perhaps a much-needed hiatus. They have now returned armed with a new album titled "Still", their first domestic tour (The Swordplay Tour), and another international run (STILL Makin Euro Tour).


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We all know CSF have heavily sampled and referenced video games from time immemorial and this new single once again show their knack for blending the worlds of hip-hop and video games. ”

Tayo Odutola (Earmilk)

The group demonstrates why they’ve been one of the underground’s most heralded acts of the past decade or so.”

Zangba Thomson (bongminesentertainment)

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